Ljubljanica River and Ljubljana Castle

Visiting the capital of Slovenia is like stepping into a page from a fairy tale. It has a picture perfect castle that is home to 2 superb Michelin Guide restaurants. Ljubljana is also an environmentally conscious city. Moreover it prides itself on its green credentials. Consequently it has won awards for its efforts. This includes the title of European Green Capital in 2016. Notably, the Slovenian capital has been traffic free in the city centre since 2008. Part of the charm of the city is its abundance of green space which includes sprawling parks as well as beautiful gardens. The city is very safe, easy to navigate and English is also widely spoken. For all of these reasons, Ljubljana is the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday. This Ljubljana destination guide has everything you need to plan the perfect trip to Ljubljana Slovenia.

Short on time? Here are our Ljubljana Slovenia top recommendations:

Highlights: explore Ljubljana Old Town, treat yourself to a meal at Ljubljana Castle or stroll along the Ljubljanica River.

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What is Ljubljana Slovenia famous for?

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and also the largest city in the country. It is known for the beautifully restored Ljubljana Castle, which overlooks the city. Ljubljana is also a cultural centre, with many theatres, museums and galleries scattered across the city. Additionally, Ljubljana is home to one of the oldest philharmonic orchestras in the world.

Why you should visit Ljubljana Slovenia

Man at Ljubljana Castle Free Viewing Platform Slovenia
Ljubljana Castle Free Viewing Platform Slovenia

You will fall in love with Ljubljana as soon as you see it! The Slovenian capital is a fairy tale setting. This charming city is also one of Europe’s prettiest capitals. Winding through the heart of the city are the emerald waters of the Ljubljanica River. Numerous ornate bridges span across the river, such as the famous Dragon bridge as well as the Triple bridge. There’s nothing better than to take a relaxing stroll along the banks of the river admiring the gorgeous views. And of course you must stop by one of the many cafes and restaurants along the way for some local wine paired with some of Slovenia’s finest prosciutto and cheese.

Overlooking the city is the iconic Ljubljana Castle. This medieval landmark was carefully restored over a period of 35 years and is now a major tourist attraction as well as a venue for weddings and cultural events. You can ride a funciular up the hill to the castle. From the top of the castle tower there are unrivalled views of the city as well as the surrounding mountainside. In particular, you can see the many green spaces that are prevalent in the city and have helped to establish Ljubljana as one of Europe’s premier sustainable cities. It’s no wonder that Ljubljana won the Best of Cities category in the 2019 Sustainable Top 100 Destination Awards.

Ljubljana is also the perfect base for exploring Slovenia. There are a number of attractions nearby which make perfect day trips. This includes Lake Bled as well as Postojna Cave and Škocjan Caves.

Ljubljana Destination Guide: Know before you go

Basic info about Ljubljana Slovenia

Ljubljanica River Slovenia
Ljubljanica River Slovenia

  • Language – Slovene (also known as Slovenian). Hungarian and also Slovenian are minority languages that are recognised as co-official languages in Slovenia. Croatian and Serbian are also spoken by immigrant populations in the country. English is widely spoken throughout the country, and most people, particularly in tourist areas will know at least some English.
  • Currency – euro (EUR). This has been the official currency of Slovenia since 2007. Currency exchanges can be found in most cities and ATMs are also available widely throughout the country.
  • Population – 280,000 (2016)
  • Area – 164 km2 (63 sq mi)
  • Province – Ljubljana. Ljubljana is the capital of this province.
  • Region – Central Slovenia. Ljubljana is the capital of this region.

Utilities in Ljubljana Slovenia

Public Toilets Ljubljana Slovenia
Public Toilets Ljubljana Slovenia

  • Electricity – Slovenia uses Type C as well as Type F power plugs. The country operates on a 230v supply voltage at 50Hz. Power outages are not common in Slovenia.
  • Water – the tap water in Slovenia is safe to drink. Moreover, the country prides itself on its pristine water quality.
  • Toilets – sit-down flushing toilets are the most common type of toilet in Slovenia. Additionally, you can flush your toilet paper directly into the bin. Public toilets are common in Slovenia. Public toilets at Ljubljana train station as well as the city centre are free to use.
  • Telephone country code: +386

Where is Ljubljana Slovenia?

Ljubljana is in the province of Ljubljana in the Central Slovenia region of Slovenia. It is on the Ljubljanica River.

The closest major cities to Ljubljana are Udine Italy as well as Venice Italy. Ljubljana is 1 hour by train from Udine and 2 hours by train from Venice.

How to get to Ljubljana Slovenia

Ljubljana destination guide: Arriving by land

Ljubljana Slovenia intercity land transport

Avtobusna Postaja Bus Station Ljubljana Slovenia
Avtobusna Postaja Bus Station Ljubljana Slovenia

The main transport options for travelling overland to Ljubljana Slovenia are:

Shuttle and Taxi Ljubljana Slovenia
Shuttle and Taxi Ljubljana Slovenia

Driving to Ljubljana from within Slovenia

If you are driving to Ljubljana from within Slovenia, here are the travel times and distances:

  • Postojna – 38 minutes (54km 34miles) with tolls or 1 hour 6 minutes (51km, 32miles) without tolls
  • Lake Bled – 42 minutes (56km, 35miles) with tolls or 1 hour 5 minutes (55km, 34miles) without tolls
  • Celje – 52 minutes (79km, 49miles) with tolls or 1 hour 18 minutes (74km, 46miles) without tolls
  • Koper – 1 hours 8 minutes (107km, 66miles) with tolls or 2 hours 10 minutes (115km, 71miles) without tolls
  • Maribor – 1 hour 18 minutes (127km, 79miles) with tolls or 2 hours 28 minutes (137km, 85miles) without tolls
  • Piran – 1 hours 25 minutes (122km, 76miles) with tolls or 2 hours 33 minutes (131km, 81miles) without tolls

Intercity trains to Ljubljana Slovenia

Train Ljubljana Slovenia
Train at Ljubljana Slovenia

Trains are a cheap and also an efficient way to get to Ljubljana Slovenia. Ljubljana has a number of train stations. However the main station in Ljubljana and the one that has connections to other cities is Železniška postaja Ljubljana – Ljubljana Railway Station.

The following train brands operate in Slovenia:

  • InterCity Slovenija (ICS) – this is Slovenia’s intercity high speed rail service. However these trains are more expensive to take as they include an ICS supplement in the ticket price.
  • InterCity (IC) – these trains service larger towns, cities ad well as resorts in Slovenia. This is a limited stops service. Tickets for these trains include an IC supplement.
  • EuroCity (EC) – these trains connect major cities in Slovenia and Europe. This is a limited stops service. The EC trains are faster than IC trains and have fewer stops. Tickets for these trains include an EC supplement.
  • International Trains (MV) – these trains service international lines. Tickets for these trains include an MV supplement.
  • EuroNight (EN) – this international overnight rail service offers seated, couchette and also sleeper carriages. An EC supplement must be paid for seats, and there is an additional supplement for couchette as well as sleeper tickets. Some of these trains use global prices and reservations are required.
  • Regional (RG) and local trains (LP) – these are the regular commuter trains that connect all parts of Slovenia.

The main railway company in Slovenia is called Slovenian Railways.

EN - 970x250

We recommend using the app and website TrainLine to book intercity train tickets between Slovenia and other parts of Europe. It is very easy to use with great functionality. Another great feature is that you can see days ahead to see what times of the day were the cheapest rates.

Intercity buses to Ljubljana Slovenia


A common way to get around Slovenia is by using intercity buses. These are a budget friendly alternative to trains, but are generally a slower option. Intercity bus companies in Slovenia include Union Ivkoni as well as FlixBus. Popular bus destinations from Ljubljana include:

  • Bled Slovenia (on the Ljubljana-Bled bus) – travel time 1.5 hours. Tickets start from 6 euro one way.
  • Trieste Italy – travel time 1.5 hours. Tickets start from 9 euro one way.
  • Zagreb Croatia – travel time 3 hours. Tickets start from 15 euro one way.
  • Venice Italy – travel time 3.5-5 hours. Tickets start from 17 euro one way.
  • Budapest Hungary – travel time 6 hours. Tickets start from 18 euro one way.
FlixBus crossing the border from Italy to Slovenia
FlixBus crossing the border from Italy to Slovenia

Ljubljana destination guide: Arriving by air

The nearest major airport to Ljubljana is Ljubljana Airport (Airport code LJU). This international airport is also known as Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport. It was previously named Brnik Airport. It is located 20km (12miles) from the city.

Other nearby airports include:

  • Klagenfurt Airport Austria (Airport code KLU). This airport is 64km (40miles) away.
  • Trieste – Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport Italy (Airport code TRS). This airport is 84km (52miles) away.
  • Rijeka Airport Croatia (Airport code RJK). This airport is 93km (58miles) away

Slovenia does not currently have a national airline. Adria Airways was previously the national airline of Slovenia, but it went bankrupt in 2019.

Ljubljana destination guide: Arriving by boat

The closest port to Ljubljana is the Port of Koper Luka Koper.

Cruise Critic

Ljubljana destination guide: How to get around Ljubljana Slovenia

Walking in Ljubljana Slovenia

Čopova Ulica (Chop Street) Ljubljana Slovenia
Čopova Ulica (Chop Street) Ljubljana Slovenia

By far the easiest and also cheapest way to get around Ljubljana is to walk. Ljubljana is a very walkable city. Most of the main attractions in the city area are within easy walking distance. Moreover, the city centre is car-free. Additionally, for those with mobility issues there are small electric vehicles called Kavalirs that provide free rides.

Local buses in Ljubljana Slovenia

Bus Ljubljana Slovenia
Bus Ljubljana Slovenia

Local buses service Ljubljana. These services are operated by the city’s public transport service, LPP. For more information, see this website: https://www.lpp.si/en

Trolleybuses in Ljubljana Slovenia

The city of Ljubljana has not had a trolleybus service since 1971.

Trams in Ljubljana Slovenia

The city of Ljubljana has not had a trolleybus service since 1958.

Urban trains in Ljubljana Slovenia

An electric tourist train (urban train) services Ljubljana. It runs on a circular route with 10 stops across the major sites of the city. An adult ticket costs 10 euro (price as at 2024). This service is operated by the city’s public transport service, LPP. For more information, see this website: https://www.lpp.si/en

Electric vehicle Kavalir in Ljubljana Slovenia

Kavalir Ljubljana Slovenia, public transport Slovenia, electric vehicle Slovenia
Kavalir Ljubljana Slovenia

Kavalirs are small electric vehicles that operate in the city walking zone of Ljubljana. This free service is for mobility impaired people. Each Kavalir can take up to 5 passengers at a time. The service is operated by the city’s public transport service, LPP. For more information, see this website: https://www.lpp.si/en

Local trains in Ljubljana Slovenia

There are 12 train stations within Ljulbjana. However buses are the more common form of public transport in the city and buses have replaced trains for some destinations. For more information see this website: https://potniski.sz.si/en/

Metro trains (subway or underground) in Ljubljana Slovenia

Ljubljana does not have an underground rail system.

Vehicle hire in Ljubljana Slovenia

Car Share Ljubljana Slovenia, avant2go.com
Car Share Ljubljana Slovenia

A wide variety of vehicles can be rented in Slovenia. This includes:

  • Bicycles – There are self-service bike share services available in the city from companies such as BicikeLJ bicycle-sharing system. Alternatively you can hire a bike from a bike hire shop such as Cycling United Ljubljana – Bike shop, tours & rentals.
  • Electric scooters
  • Cars
  • SUVs
  • Campervans
  • Boats

The Slovenian drive on the right side of the road.

Bike Share Ljubljana Slovenia
Bike Share Ljubljana Slovenia

Taxis in Slovenia

Taxis are common in Slovenia. Fares are regulated and are also usually metered. The exception to this will be standard journeys such as airport trips. In this case the fare will be a fixed price. However in general your fare will include the following costs:

  • The pickup fee or entry fee – this is charged as soon as you get into the vehicle. It is usually around 1.95-2 euro (as at 2024).
  • Price per kilometre – this is typically around 1.09-1.5 euro per kilometre (as at 2024).
  • Price per hour – this is a price that gets charged when the taxi is stuck in heavy traffic. The price also varies depending on the time of day. The cost is generally 15-17 euro per hour (as at 2024).

Charges are lower when booked by phone.

Taxi Ljulbjana Slovenia
Taxi Ljulbjana Slovenia

Ride-share services in Ljubljana Slovenia

Uber and Lyft do not operate in Slovenia. However there are services that connect drivers with empty seats with people that are travelling in the same direction and need a ride. These include Prevozi Org, BlaBlaCar as well as CarpoolWorld.

Ljubljana Tourist Boat

A beautiful way to see the city is on the Ljubljana Tourist Boat. This 45 minute cruise departs from Ribji trg pier and travels down the Ljubljanica River. An adult ticket costs 14 euro (price as at 2024). Availability varies depending on season as well as weather conditions. This is operated by Rečni transport Ljubljana. For more information, see this website: https://www.visitljubljana.com/en/visitors/plan-your-visit/tours-and-trips/cruises-on-board-the-ljubljana-tourist-boat/

Ljubljanica River Boat Tour Slovenia
Ljubljanica River Boat Tour Slovenia

Ljubljana destination guide: Is Ljubljana worth visiting?

Ljubljana is a charming European capital which is certainly worth visiting. We love how scenic this city is – from the emerald waters of Ljubljanica River, which runs through the city to the fairytale-like appearance of Ljubljana Castle, Ljubljana is picture perfect. The city has bustling local markets, vibrant town squares, sprawling parks and world-class restaurants. It is a very walkable city and there are also plenty of different transport options for getting around the city. Ljubljana is also a very budget-friendly place to visit, making it the perfect stop on a European vacation.

Ljubljana destination guide: How long to spend in Ljubljana Slovenia

Tromostovje Bridge Ljubljana Slovenia
Tromostovje Bridge Ljubljana Slovenia

Ljubljana is a great place to come for a weekend. The city is an amazing place and there’s good reason why it is world renowned. We spent 3 days in Ljubljana and enjoyed taking time to enjoy the various activities available in this charming city.

Ljubljana destination guide: What to do in Ljubljana Slovenia

Ljubljana is a beautiful Slovenian city with many activities on offer. It has a range of great free activities as well as paid activities.

Ljubljana destination guide: Free things to do in Ljubljana Slovenia

Saints Cyril and Methodius Church Ljubljana Slovenia
Saints Cyril and Methodius Church Ljubljana Slovenia

There are enough free activities in Ljubljana Slovenia to keep you entertained for a weekend or even a leisurely week:

For more details, see our Ljubljana travel guide on the 17 Best Free Things To Do in Ljubljana Slovenia.

Ljubljana destination guide: Paid activities in Ljubljana Slovenia

A number of attractions in Ljubljana Slovenia charge an entry fee:

  • Ljubljana Castle – entry fee is 12 euro (or 16 euro with funicular) for adults (as at 2024)
  • Saint Nicholas’ Cathedral – entry fee is 2 euro for adults (as at 2024)
  • House of illusions – entry fee is 13 euro for adults (as at 2024)
  • Zoo Ljubljana – entry fee is 11.50 euro for adults (as at 2024)
  • National Gallery – entry fee is 10 euro for adults (as at 2024)
  • Plečnik House – entry fee is 9 euro for adults (as at 2024)
  • National Museum of Contemporary History – entry fee is 6 euro for adults (as at 2024)
  • National Museum of Slovenia – entry fee is 8 euro for adults (as at 2024)
Courtyard of Ljubljana Castle Slovenia
Ljubljana Castle Slovenia

Ljubljana Card

The Ljubljana Card is a city card that allows you to explore many of the attractions in Ljubljana for free. Additionally you get free travel on local public transport, a free guided city tour, free funicular ride to the castle, free boat ride on the Ljubljanica River as well as free 4-hour bicycle hire. There are 24, 48 and 72 hour passes are available.

The price of Ljubljana Cards is as follows:

  • 24 hour Ljubljana Card – 36 euro for adults (as at 2024)
  • 48 hour Ljubljana Card – 44 euro for adults (as at 2024)
  • 72 hour Ljubljana Card – 49 euro for adults (as at 2024)

For more information on the Ljublana Card, visit this website.

Weather in Ljubljana Slovenia

Cyril and Methodius Square (Ciril-Metodov Trg) Ljubljana Slovenia
Cyril and Methodius Square (Ciril-Metodov Trg) Ljubljana Slovenia

Ljubljana enjoys a warm temperate climate. Throughout the winter it is very cold and snowy. The average temperature is between -3°C and 4°C in the coldest month of January. Conversely, summers are warm and sunny, with summer months being June to September. During the hottest month of July the average temperature range between 15°C and 26°C. Ljubljana is a windy city and experiences frequent and sometimes powerful winds. Snow is common between the months of November through February. The month with the most rainfall is June with 10.6 days of rain on average compared to the driest month, January with an average of 5.6 rainy days.

Best time to visit Ljubljana Slovenia

The best time to visit Ljubljana is between late May and mid September, when the weather is most pleasant for outdoor activities. The peak tourist season is between June and August, so expect higher prices at that time.

Internet and mobile phones in Slovenia

Since June 15th, 2017, Roam Like at Home (RLAT) rules came into force for European Union countries. Consequently, people with European Union mobile numbers are no longer charged temporary mobile roaming fees within the European Union. This means that if you have a European Union mobile number, you can use that number anywhere within the European Union and you will be charged for calls, texts and data in the same rates as if you were in your home country. There are limits to this in order to prevent abuse of these rules.

The main internet and phone companies in Slovenia include Telekom Slovenije, A1 Slovenija, Telemach mob and T-2.

5G has been in Slovenia since July 2020. However 2G is expected to continue in Slovenia until 2025.

Slovenia is ranked 40th fastest in the world for mobile internet speeds and 56th fastest for fixed broadband. For Fixed Broadband the average download speed is 93mbps and upload is 48mbps (as at April 2024).

Cell phone SIM cards can be bought in many places throughout Slovenia. These include phone stores, convenience stores as well as gas stations.

How much to budget for Ljubljana Slovenia?

Is Ljubljana expensive?

Ljubljana is much cheaper than cities in neighbouring Italy and Croatia. If you’re looking for an inexpensive European city to visit, Ljubljana is an excellent choice.

Ljubljana destination guide: Daily spend for a couple travelling in Ljubljana Slovenia

Restaurants at Petkovškovo Nabrežje Embankment Ljubljana Slovenia
Restaurants at Petkovškovo Nabrežje Embankment Ljubljana Slovenia

As a rough guide, we recommend the following budgets for a couple:

  • Low-budget daily spend – 80 euro per day for a couple will get you budget accommodation, self catering and bakery meals, walking or catching local transport to get around as well as free or cheap activities.
  • Mid-range daily spend – 250 euro per day for a couple will get you mid-range accommodation, walking or catching local transport to get around the city, dining at reasonably priced cafes and restaurants as well as some paid activities.
  • Luxury spend – 800 euro per day for a couple will get you a premium experience, staying at high end hotels, travelling by private transport, doing a range paid activities and also eating at high end restaurants.

Ljubljana destination guide: Accommodation in Ljubljana Slovenia

Old Quarter Residence Ljubljana Slovenia, Apartment accommodation Slovenia
Old Quarter Residence Ljubljana Slovenia

There is a good range of accommodation to suit all budgets in Slovenia. Airbnb also operates in Slovenia and we were impressed with the range of options available throughout the country.

Where to stay in Ljubljana Slovenia

We recommend the following accommodation in Ljubljana:

  • Best hostel in Ljubljana – Aladin Hostel is a relaxed hostel with friendly and hospitable staff. It is around 40 minutes walk from the city centre, but it is close to the bus to Lake Bled. The rooms and bathrooms are clean and the beds are very comfortable.
  • Best B&B in Ljubljana – B&B Pod Vrbo is a family run hotel with clean, comfortable and modern rooms. It is a short walk from the city centre and has free parking on-site. Their breakfast buffets are fresh and delicious.
  • Best mid-range hotel in Ljubljana – Hotel Heritage is an incredible boutique hotel in the heart of Ljubljana. The hotel has been beautifully restored with classic yet modern rooms. Everything is spotlessly clean and extremely comfortable. Their breakfast selection is excellent and the staff are friendly and efficient.
  • Best luxury hotel in Ljubljana – Zlata Ladjica Boutique Hotel is a real treat. Each of their rooms is unique and immaculate. The beds are extremely comfortable and the amenities are of the highest quality. The staff provide exceptional service to ensure you have a memorable stay. There is also a lovely spa area that can be booked privately. The a la carte breakfasts are varied and tasty.
  • Best furnished apartments in Ljubljana – TiliaStay provides modern, clean and well-equipped accommodation in a central location. The apartments have beautiful views of the mountains and the city. The hosts are very helpful and easy to communicate with. There is also a free parking space in the garage. Additionally, the sauna is a real treat.

How much is accommodation in Ljubljana Slovenia?

For short-term accommodation, a general price per night is as follows:

  • Budget accommodation – 11-42 euro for dorm accommodation
  • Mid-range accommodation – 50-100 euro for a private room
  • Luxury accommodation – 150-400 euro a night for a luxury hotel/resort
  • Rental property – 90-600 euro a night for a fully furnished 3-5 bedroom home

Ljubljana destination guide: Food in Ljubljana Slovenia

How much does food cost in Ljubljana Slovenia?

Slovenian Chef Statue Ljubljana Slovenia
Slovenian Chef Statue Ljubljana Slovenia

Our price guide for your food budget in Ljubljana Slovenia is as follows (prices as at 2022):

  • Restaurant meal – 8-30 euro for a main dish
  • Bakery food and fast food – 2 euro for a burek, 1.50-2 euro for a slice of pizza
  • Glass of wine – 3-6 euro
  • Coffee – 1-1.50 euro

Regional dishes in Ljubljana Slovenia

Traditional Slovenian food from Klobasarna Ljubljana Slovenia, Kranjska Klobasa, Jota Istrian stew and Ričet
Traditional Slovenian food from Klobasarna Ljubljana Slovenia

  • Kranjska Klobasa – Carniolan sausage or Kransky sausage
  • Kraški pršut – Kras prosciutto
  • Štruklji – rolled dumplings
  • Jota – Istrian stew
  • Ajdovi žganci – corn mush or spoonbread
  • Prekmurska gibanica – Prekmurje layered cake
  • Potica – rolled dough Slovenian cake
Ala Pršuterija - Slovenian Meat and Cheese Board with Slovenian wine
Ala Pršuterija – Slovenian Meat and Cheese Board with Slovenian wine

Cheap Eats in Ljubljana Slovenia

  • Pekarnas (Slovenian bakeries) are a great place to get cheap and also delicious food. Burek is ubiquitous in Slovenia and are typically around 2 euro. Strudel as well as Krof (donuts) are around 1 euro.
  • Popular fast food items in Slovenia include burek, kebabs, pizza and hamburgers.

Fine dining in Ljubljana Slovenia

Ljubljana is home to a few Michelin Guide restaurants. These are listed below.

1 star Michelin restaurants in Ljubljana Slovenia (2024):

  • Restavracija Strelec

Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurants in Ljubljana Slovenia (2024):

  • Gostilna na Gradu (we’ve been here)

Michelin Plate restaurants in Ljubljana Slovenia (2024):

  • Gostilna AS
  • Sushimama
  • AFTR
  • Peti 181
  • Landerik
  • Altrokè
  • Georgie Bistro
  • Breg
  • Restavracija Shambala
  • B-Restaurant
  • JB Restavracija
  • Restavracija Cubo
  • Separé
  • Restavracija Harfa

Ljubljana Slovenia culture

Slovenia national holidays

  • New Year’s Day – 1 January
  • Day after New Year’s Day – 2 January
  • Prešeren Day, the Slovene Cultural Holiday – 8 February
  • Easter Sunday – typically in March or April.
  • Easter Monday – the Monday after Easter Sunday, typically in March or April.
  • Resistance Day – 27 April
  • May Day – 1 May
  • May Day Holiday – 2 May
  • Whit Sunday – this is the Christian holiday of Pentecost. It is celebrated 50 days after Easter, typically in May or June
  • Whit Monday – it is the day after Whit Sunday, typically in May or June
  • Statehood Day – 25 June
  • Assumption Day – 15 August
  • Reformation Day – 31 October
  • Day of Remembrance of the Dead – 1 November
  • Christmas Day – 25 December
  • Independence Day and Unity Day – 26 December

National symbols of Slovenia

Flags at Ljubljana Castle Slovenia, Ljubljanna Flag, Slovenia Flag, Clock tower
Flags at Ljubljana Castle Slovenia

  • Slovenia flag – a tricolour flag featuring three horizontal bands coloured white, blue and red from top to bottom. Additionally the coat of arms is in the upper hoist side of the flag between the white and blue bands.
  • Slovenia coat of arms – this features a red bordered blue shield as well as a 3 peak mountain representing Mount Triglav. Under the mountain are 2 wavy lines, representing the sea and rivers of the country. Additionally, above the mountain are three golden six-pointed stars representing the Counts of Celje.
  • National flower – red carnation
  • National bird – Olm
  • Slovenian national animal – Carniolan Honey Bee

Slovenia pastimes

Bograč and Ajdovi Žganci from Moji Štruklji Ljubljana Slovenia
Bograč and Ajdovi Žganci from Moji Štruklji Ljubljana Slovenia

  • National dish – buckwheat spoonbread
  • Popular drinks – schnapps (plum, blueberry, honey and also pear flavours are popular), Slovenian wine, Union and Laško beer
  • National sport – association football
  • Religion – 57.8% Roman Catholic, 2.4% Muslim, 2.3% Serbian Orthodox, 0.9% other Christian, 10.1% atheist, 23% non-religious (as at 2017)

Famous people from Ljubljana Slovenia

  • Famous people born in Ljubljana Slovenia – actor Zeljko Ivanek, philosopher Slavoj Žižek, writer Jela Krečič, politician Edvard Kardelj, noble Carlos, Duke of Madrid, singer Ben Dolic, architect Jože Plečnik, singer Senidah, singer Magnifico, musician DJ Umek, politician Marjan Šarec, philosopher Alenka Zupančič, politician Tanja Fajon
  • Notable visitors to Ljubljana Slovenia – in 1904 famous writer James Joyce spent the night in the park across from the railway station becuase he accidentally got off the train too early. Subsequently, this event was commemorated with a statue in his honour.
  • Sports stars from Ljubljana Slovenia – golfer Pia Babnik, Olympic sprinter Alenka Bikar, Olympic hurdler Brigita Bukovec, basketball player Luka Dončić, basketball player Goran Dragić, footballer Samir Handanović, Olympic skier Urška Hrovat, mountaineer Tomaz Humar, footballer Srečko Katanec, basketball player Erazem Lorbek, footballer Maksimilijan Mihelčič, gymnast Mitja Petkovšek, Olympic ski jumper Miran Tepeš, Olympic basketball player Aljoša Žorga, cross-country skier Petra Majdic

Is Ljubljana Slovenia Safe?

Slovenia travel guide: Safety in Slovenia

National Assembly Building of Slovenia, Ljubljana flag, country flags
National Assembly Building of Slovenia

During our short 3 day stay in Slovenia we found the country to be extremely safe. According to the Global Peace Index, Slovenia ranks amongst the top 5 safest countries in the world.

Slovenia travel guide: General safety considerations in Slovenia

Other general safety considerations for travel in Slovenia:

  • Drinking water – Tap water is safe to drink in Slovenia. Moreover, the country prides itself on its pristine water quality.
  • Mosquitoes – the tiger mosquito has been present in Slovenia since 2002. This type of mosquito spreads diseases such as Zika, dengue and chikunguya.
  • Altitude sickness – Slovenia has areas of high altitude and consequently risk of altitude sickness. Therefore allow sufficient time to acclimatise if visiting high altitude areas. Additionally, if you experience signs of altitude sickness (headache, nausea or vomiting, dizziness, tiredness, loss of appetite or shortness of breath) get help immediately.
  • Road safety – Driving in Slovenia is generally safe and the roads are in excellent condition. Due to the mountainous terrain of the country, roads can be narrow and winding in some places. Take care when driving in the countryside.
  • Water safety – If you visit any of the coastal areas or lakes, take care when swimming as currents and waves may be stronger than you expect.
  • Sun safety – Exposure to the sun can have adverse short-term as well as long-term effects on the skin, eyes and immune system. Sun protection such as sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses is very important to ensure you don’t get burnt.

As with any destination, take all of your normal safety precautions.

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