Slovenia is a hidden gem of Europe. Tourists often overlook this country in favour of neighbouring Italy and Croatia. However Slovenia certainly deserves to be on your bucket list. The country boasts spectacular nature, vibrant culture and delicious food. It truly is the perfect European getaway. Furthermore, it is well developed and very safe. Additionally much of the population speaks English. As such it is very easy to travel around. It is also a very affordable travel destination.

Mountains and forests dominate the Slovenian landscape. As such, it is perfect for eco tourism. Moreover it has an extensive network of caves. Škocjan Caves is UNESCO World Heritage Listed. The capital Ljubljana is like a fairy tale. Its picture perfect castle has 2 superb Michelin Guide restaurants. Speaking of food, Slovenia boasts a wide range of mouth watering traditional food. The delicious Kranjska Klobasa sausage is our favourite!

Slovenia’s position in Central Europe gives it an interesting history. At different points in time Slovenia was part of many different empires and states. Most recently it was part of Yugoslavia. This was until independence in 1991. Consequently the country has developed a rich culture. This includes a strong literary tradition, beautiful sculptures and architecture as well as vibrant festivals. Additionally there are many theatres throughout the country. Puppetry in particular is very popular.

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