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Hi! We’re Jay & Jon – Bucket List Travellers, an Australian couple with a bucket list goal of visiting 100 countries. We travel slow, immersive & budget conscious with a focus on overland travel. Since 2006 we have visited 6 continents and 48 countries. We love experiencing local cultures and the freedom of carry-on only travel.

We were in Central America when Covid struck. However, we made the most of the situation with an unforgettable 18 months in Nicaragua. During this time we started our channel to share our travels and our experiences of living in Nicaragua.

Staying in one country for so long opened our eyes to slow travel. After the borders opened we spent the next year slowly travelling home. First 2 months in Costa Rica, followed by an epic train journey up the east coast of the USA. Next we flew to Spain for an amazing 6 months travelling along the Mediterranean to Greece. We couldn’t resist stopping off at Asia on the way home. A short stop at Singapore was followed by an incredible 3 months in Malaysia.

Back in our home city of Sydney Australia, we’re bringing our passion for travel to our home country! We’re currently exploring Australia with fresh eyes and discovering the best food and travel experiences that our home country has to offer.

On this website and our YouTube channel we share our experiences of living in Nicaragua as well as our adventure filled travels.

Jay and Jon (Bucket List Travellers)

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48 countries into our 100 country goal!

We’re a couple of Australians with a Bucket List goal of visiting 100 countries before we die. So far we’ve visited 48 countries and have been to every continent apart from Africa. On this website we share our Bucket List Travellers destinations and travel tips so you can plan your own bucket list adventure.

We were 3 months into a one year trip around the world when the Covid pandemic closed borders and we found ourselves stranded in Nicaragua. Fortunately, we were able to make the most of our time there and have fallen in love with this beautiful country.

After living in Nicaragua for 18 months we resumed our travels. Initially we spent 2 months in Costa Rica. We then flew to the US and spent 2 months travelling up the east coast. Next we flew to Spain and spent 6 months overland through Europe. Next we flew to Singapore and spent 3 months in Malaysia before heading home to Australia.

We are currently in Australia, exploring our home country and plotting our next adventure!

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