Small Beach Ulcinj Montenegro

Home to one of Europe’s longest beaches, Ulcinj is one of the top places to visit in Montenegro. There is plenty of sun and sand to make for an enjoyable summer vacation. Nature lovers will also enjoy the nearby Ulcinj Salina nature park, which is the largest saltpan in the Adriatic. It is also the only nesting place of flamingos on the east coast of the Adriatic. Ulcinj Old Town is another must see attraction in Ulcinj. Ulcinj’s geographical position has provided for a unique history of this fascinating city, and is where east meets west. In this Ulcinj destination guide, we give you everything you need to know to plan your next trip to Ulcinj Montenegro.

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Highlights: dine at a restaurant in Ulcinj Old Town and then soak up the sun on Ulcinj’s Long Beach.

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What is Ulcinj Montenegro known for?

Ulcinj Montenegro is famous for having one of the longest beaches in Europe. This is the aptly named Long Beach (Velika Plaža), is also the longest beach in Montenegro at 13km (8 miles) long. Unsurprisingly, Ulcinj’s famous sand beaches are a big attraction for holidaymakers looking for an affordable European beach holiday.

Why you should visit Ulcinj Montenegro

Liman Beach Ulcinj Montenegro
Liman Beach Ulcinj Montenegro

The southernmost city in Montenegro is home to one of the longest beaches in Europe. The area is also gifted with plenty of natural beauty. As well as having some of the beaches in Montenegro, Ulcinj also has an impressive nature park that is an important stopover for birds on their annual migration to Africa. Additionally, Ulcinj has a long history of olive oil production and its oldest olive tree is over 1000 years old.

Furthermore, Ulcinj Old Town is a fascinating place to visit. This UNESCO world heritage site has a history that spans back over 2,500 years. The architecture of the city has a unique blend of western and eastern influences, being part of both the Venetian and the Ottoman Empires. However, Ulcinj has a dark past as part of the slave trade, and Slave Square was where slaves were bought and sold. Notably, it is said that the Spanish writer Miguel de Servanteswas one of the slaves here – imprisoned by pirates.

Ulcinj is also a great stopover when travelling overland between Montenegro and Albania. This is because it is less than a half hour drive from the Montenegro-Albania border.

Ulcinj Destination Guide: Know before you go

Basic info about Ulcinj Montenegro

Antigona Restaurant Balcony Ulcinj Montenegro
Antigona Restaurant Balcony Ulcinj Montenegro

  • City name in Montenegrin – Улцињ
  • Language – Montenegrin. Serbian is also spoken by a lot of people in the country. English is widely spoken in tourist areas, especially along the coast. However not everyone you meet will be able to speak English.
  • Currency – euro (EUR). This has been the official currency of Montenegro since 2002. Currency exchanges can be found in most cities and ATMs are also available widely throughout the country.
  • Population – 11,000 (2011)
  • Area – 255 km2 (98 sq mi)
  • Municipality – Ulcinj. Ulcinj is the administrative centre of this municipality.
  • Region – Coastal Region
  • Emergency number – 112
  • Police number – 122

Utilities in Ulcinj Montenegro

Ulcinj Old Town Montenegro from below
Ulcinj Old Town Montenegro from below

  • Electricity – Montenegro uses Type F power plugs. The country operates on a 230v supply voltage at 50Hz. Power outages are common in Montenegro but typically do not last for long.
  • Water – the tap water in Montenegro is safe to drink almost everywhere in the country. However it is not recommended to drink the tap water in the Old Town of Ulcinj. Water outages are also common in Montenegro, so ensure you keep some bottled water on hand.
  • Toilets – sit-down flushing toilets are the most common type of toilet in Montenegro. Don’t flush your toilet paper, instead use the bins provided. Public toilets are common in the larger cities in Montenegro. However public toilets along the coast often have a charge for use. This is generally around 50 cents.
  • Telephone country code: +382

Where is Ulcinj Montenegro?

Ulcinj is in the municipality of Ulcinj. It is the most southern major town in the Coastal Region of Montenegro.

The closest major Montenegrin towns to Ulcinj are Bar and Petrovac. Ulcinj is less than hour by bus from Bar as well as Petrovac.

How to get to Ulcinj Montenegro

Ulcinj destination guide: Arriving by land

Ulcinj Montenegro intercity land transport

The main transport options for travelling overland to Ulcinj Montenegro are:

  • Private vehicle
  • Private transport operator
  • Train
  • Bus
  • Bike

Driving to Ulcinj from within Montenegro

If you are driving to Ulcinj from within Montenegro, here are the travel times and distances:

  • Bar – 31 minutes (27km, 17miles) without tolls
  • Petrovac – 54 minutes (47km, 29miles) without tolls
  • Budva – 1 hour 11 minutes (65km, 40miles) without tolls
  • Podgorica – 1 hour 21 minutes (78km, 48miles) without tolls
  • Cetinje – 1 hour 41 minutes (79km, 49miles) without tolls
  • Kotor – 1 hour 44 minutes (86km, 53miles) without tolls
  • Lovcen National Park – 2 hours 12 minutes (98km, 61miles) without tolls
  • Herceg Novi – 2 hours 31 minutes (108km, 67miles) without tolls
  • Durmitor National Park – 3 hours 36 minutes (203km, 126miles) without tolls

Intercity trains to Ulcinj Montenegro

There are no trains to Ulcinj.

The Montenegrin national railway company for passenger transport in Montenegro is called Railway transport of Montenegro.

Intercity buses to Ulcinj Montenegro

Ulcinj Bus Station Montenegro
Ulcinj Bus Station Montenegro

A common way to get around Montenegro is by using intercity buses. These are a cheap and also convenient way to get around and the network is extensive. Intercity bus companies in Montenegro include Glušica Nikšić, Blueline MNE, Lazaro as well as FlixBus. It is possible to buy bus tickets online, however you need to pay an additional station gate fee at the station. Alternatively you can also buy tickets at the bus station.


Popular bus destinations from Ulcinj include:

  • Bar Montenegro – travel time 30 minutes.
  • Podgorica Montenegro – travel time 2 hours. Tickets cost 6 euro one way.
  • Budva Croatia – travel time 1.5-2 hours. Tickets start from 7 euro one way.
  • Dubrovnik Croatia – travel time 5 hours. Tickets start from 24 euro one way.
  • Mostar Bosnia & Herzegovina – travel time 7-8 hours. Tickets start from 32 euro one way.
  • Shkodër Albania – travel time 1.5 hours. Tickets start from 14 euro one way.

Private shuttles to Ulcinj Montenegro

Shuttle from Ulcinj Montenegro to Shkodra Albania
Shuttle from Ulcinj Montenegro to Shkodra Albania

We caught a private shuttle from Ulcinj Montenegro to Shkodër Albania. We paid 7 euro per person for this service, which was arranged through our accommodation in Ulcinj. A driver picked us up from our accommodation and then drove us and a couple of other people to the Montenegro-Albania border. From there, we got our of the van and walked with the driver to the border checkpoint where the driver helped us show our documents to the border official. We did not receive an entry stamp for entering Albania as they just store our information online. Once we got approval for entry into Albania, our driver led us to another car where there was a driver waiting to drive our group to Shkodër. We were dropped off at a central location in the city.

Ulcinj destination guide: Arriving by air

The nearest major airport to Ulcinj is Podgroica Airport, Montenegro (Airport code TGD). This international airport is 48km (30miles) from the town.

Other nearby airports include:

  • Tivat Airport, Montenegro (Airport code TIV). This airport is 67km (42miles) away.
  • Tirana Airport, Albania (Airport code TIA). This airport is 71km (44miles) away.
  • Dubrovnik Airport, Croatia (Airport code DBV). This airport is 106km (66miles) away.

The national airline of Montenegro is Air Montenegro.

Ulcinj destination guide: Arriving by boat

The closest port to Ulcinj is in Bar. In the high season there is one ferry a day between Bar Montenegro and Bari Italy. The journey time is 9 hours and tickets start from 43 euros. Montenegro Lines operates this service.

Cruise Critic

Ulcinj destination guide: How to get around Ulcinj Montenegro

Walking in Ulcinj Montenegro

Walking to Sunset Beach Bar from Ulcinj Old Town Montenegro
Walking to Sunset Beach Bar from Ulcinj Old Town Montenegro

By far the easiest and cheapest way to get around Ulcinj is to walk. Most of the main attractions in the city area are within easy walking distance.

Local buses in Ulcinj Montenegro

Local buses connect Ulcinj to other nearby towns. The most common buses run between Ulcinj and Bar. There are a couple of buses a day between Ulcinj and Podgorica, Budva, Kotor, Herceg Novi as well as Berane. For more information, see this website:

Trams in Ulcinj Montenegro

Ulcinj does not have a tram system.

Local trains in Ulcinj Montenegro

Ulcinj does not have a local train service.

Metro trains (subway or underground) in Ulcinj Montenegro

Ulcinj does not have an underground train line.

Vehicle hire in Ulcinj Montenegro

Ulcinj Montenegro Streetview
Ulcinj Montenegro Streetview

A wide variety of vehicles can be rented in Montenegro. This includes:

  • Bicycles – There are self-service bike share services available in the city from companies such as NextBike.
  • Electric scooters
  • Motorcycles
  • Cars
  • SUVs
  • Campervans
  • Boats

In Montenegro, you drive on the right side of the road.

Taxis in Montenegro

Taxi Rank Ulcinj Bus Station Montenegro
Taxi Rank Ulcinj Bus Station Montenegro

Taxis are common in Montenegro. Fares are regulated and are also usually metered. However outside of major cities taxis may not have meters. In this case the fare will be a fixed price. However in general your fare will include the following costs:

  • The pickup fee or minimum fee – this is charged as soon as you get into the vehicle.
  • Price per kilometre
  • Price per hour – this is a price that gets charged when the taxi is stuck in heavy traffic.

Taxi tariffs in Montenegro are set by the cities or districts.

Ride-share services in Ulcinj Montenegro

Uber, Lyft and Grab and other rider-share services do not operate in Montenegro.

Ulcinj destination guide: Is Ulcinj Montenegro worth visiting?

Ulcinj is one of Montenegro’s hidden gems and is definitely worth visiting. Not only is Ulcinj home to the best beaches in Montenegro, but it also has a UNESCO listed Old Town as well as an abundance of stunning nature and wildlife. Being right on the coast, Ulcinj is also a great place to feast on delicious fresh seafood. If you are in the mood to party, Ulcinj nightlife has plenty to offer including discos, bars and also beach parties.

Ulcinj destination guide: How long to spend in Ulcinj Montenegro

Ulcinj is a great place to come for a couple of days. It is a low key seaside getaway with a charming old town area and one of the longest beaches in Europe. We spent 2 days in Ulcinj and enjoyed taking time to enjoy the various activities available in this beachside town.

Ulcinj Old Town Montenegro
Ulcinj Old Town Montenegro

Ulcinj destination guide: What to do in Ulcinj Montenegro

Woman walking along Long Beach Ulcinj Montenegro
Long Beach Ulcinj Montenegro

Ulcinj is a beautiful Montenegrin city with many activities on offer. It has a range of great free activities as well as paid activities.

Ulcinj destination guide: Free things to do in Ulcinj Montenegro

Woman Smiling at Ulcinj Old Town Montenegro
Ulcinj Old Town Montenegro

There are enough free activities in Ulcinj Montenegro to keep you entertained for a weekend or even a leisurely week:

  • The Old Town
  • Long Beach (Velika Plaža)
  • Valdanos Beach
  • Bojana River (Grand Beach on the right side of the Bojana River)
  • St Nicholas’ Church
  • Buzuku Montenegro Olive Oil
  • Small beach
  • Sailors’ Mosque
  • Statue of Mother Theresa
  • Mojito Beach
  • Liberty Monument
  • Ulcinj Salina nature park

Ulcinj destination guide: Paid activities in Ulcinj Montenegro

Museum of Local History in Ulcinj Montenegro
Museum of Local History in Ulcinj Montenegro

A number of attractions in Ulcinj Montenegro charge an entry fee:

  • Plaža Ada Bojana Nudisticka (nudist beach) – entry fee is 5 euro for adults (as at 2024)
  • Ženska plaža (female only beach) – entry fee is 2 euro for adults (as at 2023)
  • Ulcinj Museum of Archaeology, Ethnology and Local History – entry fee is usually 3 euro for adults but it has been discounted to 1 euro as it is currently under construction (as at 2024)

Ulcinj is also a popular destination for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Map of Museum of Local History in Ulcinj Montenegro
Map of Museum of Local History in Ulcinj Montenegro

Weather in Ulcinj Montenegro

Ulcinj enjoys a warm temperate climate. Its climate is heavily influenced by the Adriatic Sea. It has cold winters, with average temperature range between 4°C and 11°C in the coldest month of January. Summers last from June to September and are hot and sunny, with the average temperature range between 22°C and 30°C in the hottest month of July. It is a windy city and experiences frequent and sometimes powerful winds. The month with the most rainfall is November with 10.7 days of rain on average and the driest month is July with an average of 3.2 rainy days.

View from Antigona Restaurant Ulcinj Montenegro
View from Antigona Restaurant Ulcinj Montenegro

Best time to visit Ulcinj Montenegro

As a popular destination for beach vacations, the best time to go to Ulcinj Montenegro is during the warmer months. The peak tourist season in Ulcinj is from June to August. However do keep in mind that as this is the busiest time to visit Ulcinj, it is also the most expensive. We personally prefer the shoulder season, when it is still warm enough to enjoy the beach without being overly crowded. Consequently, if you also prefer to travel in the shoulder season, we’d recommend a trip to Ulcinj in April, May, September or October. We visited Ulcinj in late May and thought that was a perfect time to visit.

Internet and mobile phones in Montenegro

There are three internet and phone companies in Montenegro – One Montenegro, T-Mobile Montenegro as well as m:tel.

5G has been in Montenegro since March 2022. 3G is expected to be switched off in Montenegro in 2025.

Montenegro is ranked 49th fastest in the world for mobile internet speeds and 70th fastest for fixed broadband. For Fixed Broadband the average download speed is 83mbps and upload is 9mbps (as at April 2024).

Cell phone SIM cards can be bought in many places throughout Montenegro. These include phone stores, newsagents as well as online.

How much to budget for Ulcinj Montenegro?

Is Ulcinj Montenegro expensive?

Montenegro is one of the most affordable countries in Europe and as such Ulcinj is a great value European beach destination.

Ulcinj destination guide: Daily spend for a couple travelling in Ulcinj Montenegro

Breakfast at Lounge Bar Restoran Domino Ulcinj Montenegro
Breakfast at Lounge Bar Restoran Domino Ulcinj Montenegro

As a rough guide, we recommend the following budgets for a couple:

  • Low-budget daily spend – 100 euro per day for a couple will get you budget accommodation, self catering and bakery meals, walking or catching local transport to get around the city as well as free or cheap activities.
  • Mid-range daily spend – 300 euro per day for a couple will get you mid-range accommodation, walking or catching local transport to get around the city, dining at reasonably priced cafes and restaurants as well as some paid activities.
  • Luxury spend – 1000 euro per day for a couple will get you a premium experience, staying at high end hotels, travelling by private transport, doing a range paid activities as well as eating at high end restaurants.

Ulcinj destination guide: Accommodation in Ulcinj Montenegro

Accommodation Ulcinj Montenegro
Accommodation Ulcinj Montenegro

There is a good range of accommodation to suit most budgets in Ulcinj Montenegro. Airbnb operates in Montenegro and we were impressed with the range of options available in Ulcinj.

Where to stay in Ulcinj Montenegro

We recommend the following accommodation in Ulcinj Montenegro:

  • Best hostel in Ulcinj Montenegro – Hostel Pirate is an award winning hostel with outstanding hospitality. The owner goes out of his way to ensure you have a great time. There are plenty of activities each day, the hostel is clean and bright and has a homey and social atmosphere.
  • Best guest house in Ulcinj Montenegro – Guest House Pasha is a wonderful guest house in a quiet part of Ulcinj. The hosts are very friendly and helpful, the food is varied and delicious and they even have have homemade wine and rakija. Additionally, the rooms are very modern, clean and comfortable.
  • Best mid-range hotel in Ulcinj Montenegro – Hotel Pirate Old Town is a boutique hotel which is perfectly positioned in Ulcinj Old Town. It has amazing views over the bay which are particularly stunning at sunset. The rooms are spacious with comfortable beds and a good-sized shower. They also serve incredible breakfasts. Furthermore, the staff are very hospitable and go the extra mile.
  • Best luxury hotel in Ulcinj Montenegro – Perla Hotel is a great 5 star boutique hotel in Ulcinj. It is clean and modern with delicious breakfasts. The outdoor pool is beautiful and the staff are friendly and helpful.
  • Best value apartment rental in Ulcinj Montenegro – we stayed at JM Apartments in Ulcinj. Our host Jetmir was very friendly and helpful. The studio apartment was wonderfully designed, modern and spacious. It was in a quiet neighbourhood halfway between Ulcinj Old Town and Long Beach.

How much is accommodation in Ulcinj Montenegro?

For short-term accommodation, a general price per night is as follows:

  • Budget accommodation – 10-25 euro for a dorm
  • Mid-range accommodation – 30-140 euro for a private room
  • Luxury accommodation – 100-400 euro a night for a luxury hotel
  • Rental property – 70-300 euro a night for a fully furnished 3-4 bedroom home

Keep in mind that prices in Ulcinj fluctuate depending on the season. The high season, which is June to August is the most expensive time of year.

Ulcinj destination guide: Food in Ulcinj Montenegro

Being on the water, seafood is very popular in Ulcinj.

Peshk Në Tavë from Antigona Restaurant Ulcinj Montenegro
Peshk Në Tavë from Antigona Restaurant Ulcinj Montenegro

How much does food cost in Ulcinj Montenegro?

Our price guide for your food budget in Ulcinj Montenegro is as follows (prices as at 2023):

  • Restaurant meal – 10-25 euro for a main dish
  • Bakery food – 1-2.50 euro for burek, a slice of pizza or a slice of cake
  • Glass of wine – 4-6 euro
  • Coffee – 1.70-2.50 euro

Regional dishes in Ulcinj Montenegro

Olives from Crkva Svetog Nikole Ulcinj Montenegro
Olives from Crkva Svetog Nikole Ulcinj Montenegro

  • Locally grown olives and olive oil
  • Peshk në tavë (baked fish casserole)
  • Luleshege (pomegranate flower dessert)

Cheap Eats in Ulcinj Montenegro

  • Pekarnicas (Montenegrin bakeries) are a great place to get cheap and delicious food. Common food that can be found in pekarnicas include burek, pastries as well as pizzas.
Pekara Furra Centar Qendra Ulcinj Montenegro
Pekara Furra Centar Qendra Ulcinj Montenegro

Ulcinj Montenegro culture

Montenegro national holidays

  • New Year’s Day – 1-3 January
  • Eastern Orthodox Christmas Eve – 6 January
  • Orthodox Christmas Day – 7 January
  • Orthodox Christmas Holiday – 8 January
  • Orthodox Good Friday – the Friday before Easter Day, typically in April or May.
  • Orthodox Easter Day – typically in April or May.
  • Orthodox Easter Monday – the Monday after Easter Day, typically in April or May.
  • Labour Day – 1 May
  • Independence Day – 21 May
  • Independence Day Holiday – 22 May or the Monday following if the 22nd is on a weekend.
  • Sovereignty Day of Montenegro – 13 July
  • Sovereignty Day of Montenegro Holiday – 14 July

National symbols of Montenegro

Montenegro and Albania Flags
Montenegro and Albania Flags

  • Montenegro flag – a red flag with a gold border and the Montenegro coat of arms in the centre.
  • Montenegro coat of arms – a golden two-headed eagle wearing a crown. Its wings are raised in flight. In its right talon is a sceptre. There is a globus cruciger in its left talon. On its chest is a shield featuring a golden lion on a green field with blue sky.
  • National flower – mimoza
  • National bird – eagle
  • Montenegro’s national animal – Balkan lynx

Montenegro pastimes

  • National dish – brav u mlijeku
  • Popular drinks – rakija, Montenegrin wine
  • National sport – football
  • Religion – 72% Eastern orthodox, 3% Catholic (as at 2011)
Painted Ceiling of Crkva Svetog Nikole Ulcinj Montenegro
Painted Ceiling of Crkva Svetog Nikole Ulcinj Montenegro

Famous people from Ulcinj Montenegro

  • Famous people born in Ulcinj Montenegro – Lord Đurađ II Balšić, priest and author Gjon Buzuku, actor Pjetër Gjoka, photographer Rizo Šurla, singer Adrian Lulgjuraj, pirate commander Lika Ceni, comic book artist Rade Tovladija, war hero Mujo Ulqinaku, politician Cafo Beg Ulqini
  • Sports stars from Ulcinj Montenegro – Olympic athlete Božidar Đurašković, basketball player Vladimir Mihailović

Is Ulcinj Montenegro Safe?

Montenegro travel guide: Safety in Montenegro

Woman Walking Through Ulcinj Old T
Walking Through Ulcinj Old Town Montenegro

We travelled through Montenegro for 9 days and found the country to be extremely safe. Montenegro ranks 45th safest country on the Global Peace Index (as at 2023). As with any country, there are good areas and bad areas. Watch out for pickpockets particularly at crowded tourist attractions. Make sure no-one is watching whenever you are entering pin codes and never lose sight of your credit card when making a purchase.

Montenegro travel guide: General safety considerations in Montenegro

Other general safety considerations for travel in Montenegro:

  • Drinking water – Tap water is safe to drink almost everywhere in the country.
  • Mosquitoes – the tiger mosquito has been found in Montenegro. This type of mosquito spreads diseases such as Zika, dengue and chikunguya. Malaria was eradicated in Montenegro in 1973.
  • Altitude sickness – Montenegro has areas of high altitude. This comes with the risk of altitude sickness. If you are planning to visit any high altitude areas in Montenegro, be sure to allow sufficient time to acclimatise. If you experience any signs of altitude sickness, such as headache, nausea or vomiting, dizziness, tiredness, loss of appetite or shortness of breath, get help immediately.
  • Road safety – Road accidents are a significant risk on Montenegro. The average number of road accident fatalities in the country is twice that of the EU. Road conditions are an issue, particularly in rural areas. A particularly dangerous stretch of road is along Moraca Canyon. Take care on the roads in Montenegro.
  • Water safety – If you visit any of the coastal areas or lakes, take care when swimming as currents and waves may be stronger than you expect.
  • Earthquakes – Montenegro experiences earthquake activity. If you experience an earthquake, stay away from glass, windows, outside doors and walls and anything that could fall. If you are inside get under a table, desk or solid furniture and hang onto it. Cover your head and torso to protect from falling objects. If you are outside, stay outside and go to an open area away from buildings.
  • Sun safety – Exposure to the sun can have adverse short-term and long-term effects on the skin, eyes and immune system. Sun protection such as sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses is very important to ensure you don’t get burnt.

As with any destination, take all of your normal safety precautions.

Sunset Beach Bar at Ulcinj Old Town Montenegro
Sunset Beach Bar at Ulcinj Old Town Montenegro

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