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View from the Lookout at Semuc Champey Guatemala

Semuc Champey Guatemala: A Hidden Oasis

The hidden oasis of Semuc Champey is a must visit destination in Guatemala! Visiting Semuc Champey Guatemala is a journey ...
Market Vendor at Mercado Municipal de Granada Nicaragua

Nicaragua Cost of Living: $10 Market Challenge

How much food can you buy at the market in Nicaragua in 2021 for only $10 USD? We put this ...
Hipica Granada Nicaragua

Hípica: Nicaragua Dancing Horse Parade

Have you ever seen a dancing horse parade? If not, then you clearly haven’t been to Hípica! Hipica is a ...
Mombacho Volcano Lookout Group Photo

Mombacho Volcano Hike: Day trip from Granada Nicaragua

Mombacho Volcano is a distinctive figure which can be seen from almost any part of Granada. Located just 10km outside ...
Monkey and Boat Driver on boat in Las Isletas

Las Isletas Boat Tour: Best Thing To Do in Granada Nicaragua

Nicaragua is filled with stunning natural beauty. Take a boat ride from the colonial city of Granada Nicaragua and get ...
Couple Holding Cocktails at Apoyo Lagoon Nicaragua

Granada Nicaragua Day Trip to Laguna de Apoyo!

One of the of the most spectacular destinations in Central America can be found in the Volcanic crater lake of ...
Woman with basket on head selling fruit and vegetables door to door in Granada Nicaragua

10 Most Surprising Things About Living in Nicaragua!

Ever considered moving to Nicaragua? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have plenty of useful information about Living ...
Woman on Balcony of Hotel La Gran Sultana Granada Nicaragua at Sunset

5 Most Surprising Things About Visiting Nicaragua!

Ever wanted to visit Nicaragua? In this Nicaragua travel blog we’ll share the 5 Most Surprising Things About Visiting Nicaragua! ...

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